Ignition Failure in Audi

Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

From Battery Failure to Faulty Wiring

Audi is synonymous with comfort, excellence, performance, and top-of-the-range designs. This car has been on the market for a long time, catering to the needs of people who love the finer things in life and want a car to match. However, Audi vehicles still fall short of perfection.

Audi Ignition Woes

One problem reported by many Audi drivers is they suffer from a bad ignition. The ignition of the car is responsible for triggering a spark that lights up air and fuel in the combustion chamber and starts the engine running. The Audi ignition is powered by an electric energy that, when switched on, initiates the firing sequence within the engine. There are many reasons the ignition in your Audi could be failing. The major cause of the failure of an ignition system is the usual wear and tear that occurs when the ignition components have outlived their lifespan. From coils to plugs and switches, several smaller ignition parts become old and worn with age and can cause ignition failure. The ignition is also an electrical device that can develop electrical problems. Blows-out fuses or wiring issues are some electrical problems that can cause the ignition to fail to spark and trigger the combustion process. If you have any of the following signs of a bag ignition, it's time to take your Audi to an approved mechanic to check it for ignition problems. If you have problems turning the key in the ignition, chances are that it's gone bad. The scenario is caused by uneven wear on the ignition and key. A bad ignition will make it impossible for the spark plug to receive a charge, so the mixture of fuel and air will not be ignited. That means the engine will not start. When the car stalls, even the accessories may not be powered on. Sometimes, your Audi may fail to start completely, while in some instances, it will start as usual and then come to an abrupt stop while driving. This is usually caused by the failure of the spark, which then stops the fuel from being ignited. Finally, a faulty ignition can result from the battery. This can continue even when the key is taken out of the ignition and control causes the car to run down the battery until it's empty.

Bring Your Audi to Us

When it's time to have your Audi repaired because of the ignition issue, take your Audi to Sport Motoring in Decatur, GA, or Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Our ASE-certified mechanics have the training and experience to get the job done. The auto shop offers a full list of services ranging from standard maintenance to repair services. The technicians in our shop will help you follow the manufacturer's recommended vehicle maintenance program to ensure your vehicle's performance. If an unexpected repair arises, chances are we've seen it before and can handle it just fine. The pros at our auto shop have been provided with manufacturer-approved diagnostics and tools so the repairs can be done without a dealership. We offer a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty on all work completed and use only the best-in-class parts and fluids to make your repairs. Give us a call today at either our Decatur, GA, or Santa Rosa Beach, FL, location to get started on maintenance services or repairs. You'll be glad you did.

Written by Sport Motoring